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National Association of Black Accountants-Northern NJ

One of the biggest benefits for an organization in using a WordPress or any Content Management System is the ability to make small changes to the information on a website without having to rely upon someone outside the organization. This was clearly the case when working with NABA-NNJ. I originally designed the site in the traditional HTML and CSS manner, but this meant I was the only person who would be able to make changes when the Association needed them. Training most people to properly format text and add graphics while looking at lines of code, or even within a visual editor would have been too much for most. It was great to be able to use the CSS I created originally and largely replicate the design, making the changeover invisible to visitors, and adding the benefit of allowing people within the group to make changes as needed.

Rick Crane/Bob Himmelberger CD-“Duality”

Many of my projects involve repurposing the graphics, logos, photos, and copy from one medium to another, and this is one of those cases. Via the grapevine, college friends Rick Crane and Bob Himmelberger contacted me about doing the cover for their CD. The color shot was done a the home of friends of theirs and provided a great setting with woods and carpeting that looked great with the bass and piano. The light was created by bouncing a flash into the ceiling as I stood on a ladder above them. With the shot posed, I hit the shutter and was immediately surprised by what I saw. “Uh, I think we’re done, guys,” I said while showing them the image on the rear display. They agreed, but we took a few more shots for safety’s sake and for some slight changes in position just in case one might not work across the CD insert spread. And as it turns out, the image would also work well for the postcard I created for them to use for promoting the CD and upcoming gigs. I don’t talk a great deal about my photography work in my profile, but it is an important part of what I do. There will be a more robust representation of my photography on another forum, and hopefully the work I’ve done to understand the photographic process will reflect across all the projects I do, again, across all kinds of media.

Producer/Engineer Frank D. Fagnano

This is an oldie but goodie-and if I might brag, exhibit A in what the purpose of graphic design is. My dear friend came to me with a Word document he created to advertise his services, mostly on the bulletin boards one sees when first entering music stores. To him, it was perfectly aligned, properly bolded and italicized, and contained a comprehensive list of services he wished to offer. Compared to the  music industry styled artwork that most of the other ads on such a board might contain, I knew it would disappear among them and never get noticed. Resistant at first, Frank watched me grab a great photograph that would work perfectly in the service of “a picture is worth a thousand words”, with him playing the drums surrounded by all that gear you see. Who wouldn’t want to study with this guy? I used color to draw the eye to, yet still separate the long list of skills he could impart to a student, and let the headlines and all other callouts do their work in strategic places around the photo and on the rest of the page. Soon, he was nodding in approval and collaborating with me to produce a far better presentation of his offerings, finished in less than a couple of hours. I have obscured the contact information, as it is no longer current and he does not take private students, but Frank remains a master at his craft and is presently involved in an expanding musical curriculum program at the university level.

Global Linkages

My work for this female owned travel service has me creating all kinds of materials to promote the trips she offers and provide information to the travelers.There are itineraries, forms, luggage tags, business cards, folders, brochures, to her website and more. The Adobe Creative Cloud gets quite a workout, whether I am enhancing cell phone photos and low resolution web graphics. Final output might wind up as shared PDFs, dozens of copies run off at a Staples, or large signs reproduced by Vistaprint. You have to know your specs and your color spaces, because a file might need to be easily downloadable from the internet, or wind up as a welcome banner in some faraway land.

CD Covers

Trumpeter Eddie Allen
Bassist Kenny Davis
Guitarist Rolf Sturm
Saxophonist Mike Lee
Saxophonist Javon Jackson
Guitarist Charlie Jones
Bassist Tony Senatore
Trumpeter Barry Danielian
Pianist Nicki Denner
Saxophonist Mike Kaplan
Drummer Bruce Jackson
Guitarist Vinny Venezia
Vocalist Ben Cassara
Trumpeter Rob Henke
Rick Crane/Bob Himmelberger
Guitarist Ken Sebesky
Bassist John Lang
Guitarist Rick Langmaack


National Association of Black Accountants (North Jersey)
Water Street Music
Bassist David Finck
Pianist/Vocalist Dee Cannizzaro
Inner Balance Neuromuscular Therapy
Personal Touch Landscaping
Sentry Water Management

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