Phillip’s career in media production is defined by his ability to understand how content can be used across all media. He brings to the client his knowledge of specifications, resolutions, and production workflows needed when creating and repurposing content for the internet, video, and print.

His musical clients can count on him to video their live performances or do an interview for posting online, design their CD cover and tie the artwork into their website presentation. When called upon to help with the marketing in a financial company, he worked within the confines of Microsoft Office to design promotions for a retirement funds seminar–difficult, but not impossible!

Phillip’s long time experience in corporate advertising allowed him to work under several job titles. In a photography position he was able and introduce cost saving measures for cross department proof reading workflows. He found and developed a successful relationship with a web development vendor that built and maintained the company website, and provided many programmed services (such as customer surveys and a weekly email newsletter, which Phillip would design and write copy for). Without prompting, he assembled a team of coworkers to produce a weekend video shoot that the group hoped would lead to regular work creating cooking and promotional videos for the website. While this never came to fruition, the work was remembered, and when the need to create content for in-store video screens came about, he was able to leverage that experience and keep the advertising department from having to outsource such work at what would be vastly higher hourly rates.

He has become an all purpose design service for a female owned travel service, creating everything from business cards, folders, brochures, to her website and much more. This is a situation where Phillip has had to make any kind of content, from cell phone photos to web graphics look good for print.

A graduate of the Jazz Studies and Performance program at William Paterson University, Phillip brings this knowledge to his work in video production and graphic design. With social media and video becoming the prime method of exchanging information online, it is ever more important that the arts, business, and education communities provide content for audiences and customers that effectively delivers the message they which to convey. Whether or not a director can offer effective staging and storytelling with the client’s product or service in mind is critical when making a decision about who you will hire to produce your video content. We hope you will carefully consider these factors when making a decision to hire a production company.